Pink Champaign Cake is a Favorite Thing

Saddened to hear today that Bill Sheldon, owner of McGavin's Bakery has passed away. Growing up in Bremerton there was only one place everyone wanted a birthday cake from - McGavin's Bakery - and it had to be their Pink Champaign cake. The last time I was there I met a woman from Portland Oregon, who had grown up in Bremerton as well. She was driving down from a trip to Vancouver Canada and picking up a Pink Champaign sheet cake for her husband's birthday. She told me that when she retired from her job in Olympia her boss had driven to pick up a Pink Champagne cake for the party. Because of the previous 20 years they had been hearing about growing up in Btown and everyone wanting a Pink Champaign cake. She said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her.


Greeting card by Leigh Riibe from her Artist Series.