Note to Self: The purpose of the heart is to expand and contract.


 "The fundamental purpose of the heart is to expand and contract"


Sometimes words enter your world to exist for both the highs and the lows. This phrase surfaced when I was heartbroken from my first love. My heart needed to contract and there was no timeline for that. At the same moment I was told I would never love as fully as my first because I would be guarded knowing my past ache. This felt limiting - to prove it false I chose to defiantly love my future partners more and more. To expand.


While running can strengthen your lungs, loving can strengthen your heart.


When my heart stops beating I hope that it is larger than ever before, that it's capacity grows with each breath and feels as full as it feels empty throughout it's lifespan. That it did what was necessary for survival and it did more than it thought it was capable of for love. 

 - Sierra Stinson