With over 20 years of letterpress experience, your instructor is Lynda Sherman. Lynda brings her life as an artist, creative business owner and constant collaborator to share with you. She has taught at Penland School of Crafts as well as other national workshops. Her letterpress posters are in the permanent collection of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics and her prints in the Swedish Collection


Business Cards

You don't need to come prepared with a design in mind, as we collaborate over conversation, discovery and exploration. We will be creating a distinct and unique letterpress Business Card/Calling Card based on original content, discourse, and imagination using handset letterpress and printing a vintage printing press. $250. One-on-One, 4 Hours. 

"Lynda Sherman is the kind of collaborator you dream of. She will take your vision and turn it into something greater than you imagined. I find myself time and time again in her shop working on anything from an artist edition to a business card and recommend her for anyone who is looking to create something in type that resonates with their vision and voice." - Sierra Stinson


Pocket Poem

Bring your own short poem or we can discover one together as a conversation is a portal to a poem. A Pocket Poem is sized as a business card and fits easily into your pocket! These handset letterpress poems travel easily and are ready to be handed out to the people you meet. You will have the pleasure of giving someone a surprise. $200.00 One-on-One, 4 Hours.

"Lynda has a way of coaxing words from her students as expertly as she pulls letters from her drawers of type. With her guidance, I shaped them from written to printed word, learning about letterpress (and myself) in the process. Thank you for starting me on this new journey!" - Lori Vonderhorst


Gift Certificate

Want to give a gift that is an experience? This  workshop offers creative exploration through discourse, discussion and imagination. $200.00 One-on-One, 4 Hours.

"Lynda is an artist and craftswoman of the highest caliber. She skillfully incorporates her great sense of design to create pieces that truly reflect the aspirations and the personalities of her clients. Her zen-like approach to her craft and attention to detail truly sets her apart. She’s such a pleasure to work with. I give nothing but my highest recommendation for Lynda and can’t wait to work with her again on future projects." - John Lok


Parade Poster

Get ready to meet in the streets! This creative letterpress poster workshop begins with a conversation reviewing resistance posters and looking through letterpress ephemera from Bremelo's collection. $400. 3 Students, 4 Hours.

"I have been a student of Lynda’s for several years, and have observed her with many other students. Lynda is a master teacher. She provides students with a rock solid understanding of the practical and physical elements of letterpress printing. At the same time, she encourages each student to develop their own artistic expression and guides each one in a kind and supportive way. Learning from Lynda, in her magical studio, has been a wonderful experience that I highly recommend." - Jean Carter