Private Classes

We love printing with you! We offer distinctive one-on-one letterpress classes right here in our working print studio in Seattle's Little Saigon neighborhood. 

Classes are taught by Bremelo Press founder Lynda Sherman. With over 20 years of letterpress experience, it's a unique opportunity to work side by side with an experienced printer and creative business owner. Lynda has taught at Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina and other national workshops as well as offering these intimate experiences in her own print studio. 


Letterpress Master Class

4 hour, one day class. $200.00
Bremelo Press, Seattle, Washington

Bremelo Press Club Memberships are also now available. Included in this 6 month membership are three letterpress classes and greeting card subscription. We hope to be printing with you soon!


Bremelo Press
6 Month Club Membership

3 classes + stationery subscription. $500.00 Bremelo Press, Seattle, Washington

Want to know what happens during a private letterpress class at Bremelo Press? Read all about one student's journey in the printshop here

Class Access:
:: Vandercook SP 15 flatbed press
:: Chandler & Price clamshell press
:: Inks
:: Paper
:: Metal type
:: Wood type
:: Snacks!


Print Week
St Louis, Missouri
September 28 - October 1, 2017
Firecracker Press and the Ladies of Letterpress have teamed up for workshops, panels, a print market and tours.

A Moveable Type Feast w/Lynda Sherman and Marit Bockelie: This is a two-day class with Lynda Sherman (Bremelo Press) and Marit Bockelie (The Bremerton Letterpress Co.), two women printers from the heart of the Pacific Northwest. They will focus on the tension between planning out a project and letting come what will. In celebration of the harvest season and our nation’s agricultural heritage, students of this workshop are invited to bring favorite recipes to cut and splice into poems as a starting point. We will discuss what we eat, who grows it, how it gets to us, how it’s prepared and who we eat it with. We’ll play with the idea of recipe cards, broadsides and greeting/art cards. Students will take home a collection of printed pieces from the entire class. (multi-day workshop)

Photos by Noah Fecks